Able, Gifted & Talented

At White Court School, we value the individuality of all children and acknowledge the importance of supporting every pupil to recognise the spectrum of their capabilities in order to fulfil their potential. We recognise that everyone has their own strengths and areas for development, gifts and talents. Within this range of individuality, there are children who are intellectually more able than others, and children who are particularly talented in certain specific areas of ability.

We believe that every child has the right to be included in a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum; and that each pupil is entitled to have the opportunity to be involved in appropriate education which challenges, motivates and rewards them, so they can each fulfil their individual potential.


Each child is unique and to attempt a single definition is to generalise too widely. The term ‘most able’ in our school refers to the top 10% of the ability range in any or all of the following areas:

  • General intellectual ability
  • Specific aptitude in one or more subjects
  • Creative or performing arts
  • Psycho-motor ability
  • Leadership qualities
  • Advanced social skills


We distinguish between Able, Gifted and Talented using the following criteria:

  • ABLE– very high ability, potential or attainment in one or more subject areas.
  • GIFTED– exceptionally high ability, potential or attainment in core subjects, or outstanding ability in a single subject.
  • TALENTED– very high ability, potential or attainment in sporting or creative subjects.


If you would like to nominate a pupil to be added on to the Able, Gifted and Talented Register, please Click here, print out the form and hand it to Mr Ellis.


Listed below are some differences to help you distinguish between a bright child and a gifted learner.

Bright Child

Gifted Learner

·         Knows the answers

·         Is interested

·         Is attentive

·         Has good ideas

·         Works hard

·         Answers questions

·         Works at the ‘top’ of the class

·         Listens with interest

·         Learns with ease

·         6-8 repetitions for mastery

·         Understands ideas

·         Enjoys peers

·         Grasps the meaning

·         Completes tasks

·         Is receptive

·         Asks the questions

·         Is highly curious

·         Is mentally and physically involved

·         Has wild, silly ideas

·         Plays around, yet tests well

·         Discusses in detail; elaborates

·         Works beyond the group

·         Shows strong feelings and emotions

·         Already knows

·         1-2 repetitions for mastery

·         Constructs abstractions

·         Prefers adults

·         Draws inferences

·         Initiates projects

·         Is intense


To assist you in distinguishing if your child is Able, Gifted or Talented, please use this checklist.  Click here


If a pupil would like to nominate themselves to be added onto the Able, Gifted and Talented Register, please Click here, print out the form and hand it to Mr Ellis.