Secondary School Admissions

Last updated on 8/5/19


Letter regarding visits for current Year 5 children to Helena Romanes School Click here

Letter regarding visits for current Year 5 children to KEGS Click here

Information letter for current Year 5 children 18/10/18 Click here 


Current Year 5 children
Secondary School Admissions for September 2020 entry

Booklets sent out on 19/3/19:
– White Court’s Guide to applying for Secondary Schools, Booklet 1 Click here
– White Court’s Guide to applying for Selective Schools (11+), Booklet 2, click here.

There are 3 main Secondary Schools in Braintree:
– Notley High School and Braintree Sixth Form. Click here
– Tabor Academy. Click here
– Alec Hunter Academy. Click here

Other schools in the area include:
– Chelmer Valley High School. Click here.
– The Helena Romanes School. Click here.
– St John Payne Catholic School. Click here.
– Anglo European School, Ingatestone. Click here.

Open Days / Tours:

The new secondary school admission round opens on Thursday 12th September, for parents of current Year 5 children to apply for a secondary school (Year 7) place for September 2020.  The statutory national closing date for applications is 31st October 2019.
Applications can be made online via More than 95% of parents in Essex have applied using the online process in the past two years.
All of the Secondary Schools will be holding open mornings/evenings and we will publish these as they send them to us.

Please contact the schools directly to confirm timings and to see if places need to be booked. Some of the schools also have tours available during the school day.


Selective or Grammar Schools
(children intending to take the 11+):

Click here – this website will be updated in the Summer and will include the Information Guide which includes the application form, important dates, FAQs, Admission numbers, Open Days/Evenings and order forms for practice packs.
Information Guide Click here
(sent home and emailed on 10/5/19)

Essex has a small number of Selective or Grammar schools. Selective schools have admission criteria which state highest rank in the selection tests as their first admission criteria. The nearest ones being:

  • King Edward VI Grammar School (Boys) Click here
  • Colchester County High School for Girls Click here
  • Colchester Royal Grammar School (Boys) Click here
  • *Chelmsford County High for Girls (Girls) * Click here

* Chelmsford County High School for Girls – are not part of the same process, they have withdrawn from the consortium and now have their own admission exam, called the CEM 11+ Entrance Test.  Their entrance test takes place on Saturday 14th September.   Click here for their download page which includes: Information Guide,  Familiarisation booklet and Important dates.

Open Days / Tours will be included in the CSSE information guide above.

11+ key dates:
From 14th May 2019, parents can register for the 11+ tests by post OR online by referring to the CSSE website.
1st July 2019– deadline for registration.
21st September 2019 – main test day.
14th October 2019 – results sent out.  Along with the results, there will be advice that lets you know if your child has a realistic chance of securing a place at the Selective Schools.
31st October – closing date for applications.
2nd March 2019 – National Offer date.
Preparing for the 11+ Click here
Free familiarisation papers Click here

Headteachers from the Grammar schools are saying very strongly that they do not want children to be coached in preparation for these tests.  They believe if a child needs tuition in getting selected, then they shouldn’t really be going as they will struggle on a day to day basis.  All that is required is familiarisation with the format of the papers, and these are provided on their websites.