Kingswood 2019 – Friday

07:10 and the carnage begins. Children claiming that these vast piles of clothes do not belong to them. We’re also finding things that children claimed were lost during the week or even items they swore they didn’t bring.

What will we find next? Lord Lucan? The Lost City of Atlantis? The Loch Ness monster? Who knows, anything could appear…

A big thank you to those of you that named items (especially wellies!), it makes it slightly less painful this morning.

If any child comes home with items that don’t belong to them, please return them to school on Monday. We have lots of missing footwear in particular.  A lot of trainers and wellies look identical so it is causing a little bit of confusion…

08:55 Breakfast is finished and every group has 2 activities before lunch. Our ETA will be approximately 16:15 but I will update this blog throughout the journey home to keep you all informed.

We have 2 bin liners of lost property which we will bring back to school and give out as soon as we can!

10:05 The Sun is out and everyone is thoroughly enjoying their last couple of activities.

Group 19 shelter building:

Which way to the beach?

Group 17 enjoying a break in the rain:

Group 16 on the Zipwire:


Blue Sky!!!!!!


Group 18:

Final photo of the week:

More updates will follow regarding the journey time.

And we’re on the way! Should be back just after 4.

The children’s resilience has been excellent this week. The weather has been dreadful but it hasn’t stopped anyone from joining in with the activities.


When we get back, the children will take all of the cases into the hall. Please can all parents wait outside while we pair up the children with  their cases. We will then open the hall doors for you to walk through, as you come through the hall the children will stand up and walk with you out through the EY entrance. This one way system has worked very well in the past.

It’s started already… ‘How long until we get home?’ ‘How long have we been on the coach for?’

I think we should play Sleeping Lions!

No I won’t sing a song!

Have a restful weekend everyone, you have been a pleasure to take away! You should all be very proud. See you all on Monday!

A  big thank you to all the staff that volunteered their time to make this trip a success and help to keep the spirits up!

…and it’s good night from me!