Kingswood 2019 – Wednesday

07:30 I don’t believe it, It looks like the Sun is actually trying to break through the clouds this morning. Maybe we will get a chance to use the vat of sun cream we brought with us…


still DRY…


Wow, this is how to do your hair for a residential trip, well done Ella!!

Group 18 doing Hotspots:

Group 16 on the obstacle challenge:

09:37 Still DRY…

Poppy just hanging around…


11:11 Still DRY, feeling spoilt now…

Eden P has been brilliant by helping all of team 20 with their harnesses in abseiling:

‘Nightline was hilarious. I did a roly poly in the mud’ Libby said.

Evie S just said ‘If we can do the wall we can do anything!’

Positive mind-set everywhere!

We can actually see the sea today! Yesterday the rain was horizontal.

Everyone is having a great time this morning and so far the night-times have been brilliant.

The postcards are written and will be sent later today. Some will arrive tomorrow, some will arrive next week and some will never arrive, but they are all missing you!

Thilan just got the fastest go-kart time for Group 15, well done!

Group 19 ALL conquered the abseil tower:

‘I was sooo terrified of the abseil tower at first but once I did it I felt really proud. I even went up for a second go!!’ Grace S

“No one could wipe the smiles off our faces” – Eden P and Poppy on side-by-side.

12:35 Here comes the rain 🙁

Perfectly balanced:


‘I was scared at first but now I’m so proud of myself ‘ – Niamh after the zipwire.

Freddie S- ‘The obstacle challenge was so much fun. I have learnt to trust my team mates!’

“It’s raining again but we are still having soooooo much fun!” Ella H

“I was so scared of the Leap of Faith at first but once I caught the trapeze I was so happy!” – Oliver S

Group games altogether:

Shelter Building:

At the indoor ‘Campfire’: