Kingswood 2019 – Monday

9:20 Nearly ready for the off!

9:42 Year 6 have left the building and are now en route to Duxford.

10:24 Arrived safely at Duxford.

The rain will not dampen our spirits:

12:20 You would think these children have never been fed by the amount of times they’re asking when we can eat lunch!

Still raining but most of the time we have been inside the hangars so we have remained fairly dry…

Group 18:

13:25 Now setting off to Kingswood:

Group 17 just before we left:

15:41 we have arrived safely at Kingswood. The phrase ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ has been seriously over-used!!

All groups are now engaged in their first activity.

Group 15 practising their fencing moves before the equipment comes out:

Well done Ollie L for helping so many people carry their suitcases up the stairs!


Group 16 about to do Mini-Olympics!

10:30 All quiet on the Eastern front.

More updates to come tomorrow, including group shots of Groups 19 and 20.

Breakfast will be served at 8:15 am.