Flatford 2019 – Friday

The children are beginning to stir on the final morning of our Year 5 residential to Flatford Mill.

As well as the curriculum links through the Science, History and Art activities, Flatford is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop socially. The children have been encouraged to be independent and organised, try new things and be resilient. Many of the children overcame trying new foods, working with different children (and adults) and making tricky choices (what to wear/put in their sandwiches) for themselves.

We are very proud of all the children who came on the residential. Many of whom have been on a huge personal journey, last September not expecting to attend the residential through worries and anxiety.

The children’s behaviour has been excellent, the Flatford staff always look forward to White Court’s arrival!

Wishing Molly a very happy Flatford birthday!


Budding artist in the making!!

The girls are sitting in Constable’s Haywain painting!

Bingley getting ready to go pond dipping!

Tom, Bobby and Oliver identifying and investigating invertebrates during their pond dipping experience

Archie, Louie and Joe caught a stone loach while pond dipping. Louie thought it camouflaged well in the stones!

Grace, Amy and Martha caught an eel. Grace thought it was really interesting to see it move. At first they thought it was a worm!

Toby, Daniel and Thomas found a water scorpion. They were excited to find out that they breathe out of their tail.

Bingley group were joined by a robin this morning!! Flying in looking for crumbs. Luckily it flew back out through the window.

Enjoying our final picnic lunch at Valley Farm.

A big thank you to all the staff who accompanied the children to Flatford Mill.
Mrs Deans and Miss Drury survived their first Flatford experience, while Mrs Shambrook, Mr Hopgood and Mrs Bailess enjoyed their annual trip. Not forgetting Mrs Truman who stayed for the first half! Lets wish them all a relaxing weekend to catch up on their sleep!

We are so lucky to have such enthusiastic staff, thank you all!
Mrs Brewster

The children and staff have arrived back at school safe and sound.  Please pick your children up from their classrooms at the usual time of 3:15 p.m.