Flatford 2019 – Thursday

Good morning everyone! We hope everyone from the first half enjoyed a night sleeping in their own bed!
After a peaceful night at Flatford the children are busy getting ready for the day ahead. We can’t wait to check our mammal traps!
Oliver, Luke, Bobby and Tom were excited to see a deer from their bedroom window this morning!

Success for Constable! Freddie and Joe caught a mouse called Mr Pryke, Carlin and Luca caught a mouse called Jeff, Mrs Bailess caught a mouse called Frodo and Mrs Brewster caught a mouse called Maurice.

Archie and Sam caught Golding the mouse too!

Bingley group are waiting with anticipation to see if they have caught something in their traps!

Ella and Elsie caught a mouse in their mammal trap! Well done girls.

Jake and Ashleigh caught a vole

Enya and Freya have been patiently waiting to open their trap. Look what was inside…a mouse

Tom Tabitha with their mouse!


Constable group have enjoyed the treasure hunt around Flatford Mill, solving clues to win props for their role play.

Inside Valley Farm, the amazing fire place in the great hall!

Bingley have just set off on their hidden history walk into East Bergholt.

Constable enjoying a freeze frame lesson during Hidden Histories

The sun is out, the sun cream is out! Constable are enjoying sketching the Haywain while visiting the shop.

Constable exploring the area around Flatford Mill on the way to East Bergholt.

Bingley sketching outside the mill in beautiful sunshine.

Bingley are having fun this afternoon acting out the life of John Constable. We have seen some fantastic acting and performances.

Constable had a fantastic afternoon, following in John Constable’s footsteps and getting to see parts of East Bergholt from the past. The group also enjoyed the walk through the countryside and seeing where John Constable got ideas for his paintings.

Happy room mates, tired from a busy day! Camp fire next.

All of the children are enjoying singing and joining in with the actions around the campfire.

Shower caps at the ready!!

Day 4 has come to an end. We have been very lucky with the weather, avoiding the dark clouds which seemed to be following us. All the children are now packed, showered and in bed, looking forward to pond dipping tomorrow.