Flatford 2019 – Wednesday

Everyone is awake, breakfast eaten, suitcases are packed and we’re ready in the classrooms for our final activities of the day.

There are lots of excited faces ready for pond dipping and from the surprise of birthday sweets from Freya P. Happy 10th birthday Freya!

We have so many exciting stories ready to share when we get home later on today….!

Bingley are excited to begin pond dipping. What will they find?

Constable are having lots of fun Pond Dipping. We’ve only been in the water with our nets for 30 minutes and we’ve already caught an elver (baby eel) and a damselfly nymph! We can’t wait to find more…

Pond dipping was a huge success for Constable! We caught a number of invertebrates and vertebrates. We even managed to find 2 live freshwater clams! Our Flatford expert was very impressed and has never found one before – well done Ellie H, Mia A, Kaitlyn P and Imogen H!

A freshwater clam….wow! Well done girls.

The second half have arrived! After a smooth coach journey, the children from the second half have arrived excited and are about to embark on their orienteering activity.

The first activity is underway, the children are enjoying orienteering.

A lovely sunny picnic with both halves – a good chance for the children to catch up!

The first half have had a great time and are ready for a good sleep in their own beds. Well done for being so enthusiastic this week, we’re very proud of you. They’re on the coach and are heading back. Here are a few of the children’s highlights from their Flatford experience:

We’ve had a fun time, doing lots of cool activities and also a lot of walking. The bedroom was really big and it was really good when we had other people to make us feel relaxed if we woke up too early. – Matthew W, Robert S, Daniel E and Tom M.

I’ve loved all the activities and the food is amazing! – Max E

It was great fun staying in a room with my friends I loved Mammal Trapping. One group caught mice and another caught a vole! – Poppie M

I can’t pick a stand out moment because there are so many things to choose from! It’s been fabulous at Flatford! – Elliot L

Catching a baby eel is my highlight! – Adam C

Doing the 3 mile walk to East Bergholt walk was the best part – it was nice to be able talk to my friends while looking at great views! – Charlie B

My favourite part of the whole trip was mammal trapping because I liked seeing all the cute animals! – Imogen H

Constable are enjoying sharing their finds from Disappearing Animals. They searched the woodland and marsh areas using pooters and nets.

Bingley are having fun looking for minibeasts. Ella found a woodlouse hiding under a log.

The Butterfly Catchers (still unsuccessful) working hard and chasing butterflies at Valley Farm!

Bingley have a visitor!

Enya, Ellessia and Anastasia caught an orange tip butterfly! A sign of Spring.

A photo request from Ashleigh to have a photo with our tutor Hayley. Having a great time in the Nature Gardens.

Constable are setting their mammal traps on Valley Farm lawn. They will use their knowledge of habitats to make the most inviting trap. Lets hope we have another successful day!

Bingley have set their traps ready to see what awaits them in the morning!

Bingley have been lucky enough to see ducklings through the screen on our twilight walk.

Thank you Mrs Truman! We hope you are enjoying a well earnt cup of tea and hot shower after returning from Flatford today. We really appreciate that Mrs Truman volunteered to accompany the Year 5s on their residential. Without these kind offers of help, the residentials would not be possible!

Constable group are exploring their senses on the Twilight Walk. They are learning about animals which rely on some of their senses over others. They took part in a blind trail to think about sight and turned themselves into cats and dogs who rely on smell.

The children have had a great time guiding their blind folded partner around the obstacles!

Goodnight from Flatford Mill! After an action packed day, the second half are tucked up in bed! While everyone is asleep we hope lots of mammals venture into our traps to look at in the morning!