Flatford 2019 – Tuesday

Good morning from Flatford Mill! The children are still asleep, but the staff are awake getting ready for the day ahead. We have had a peaceful night, all the children were very tired after the full first day of activities!

Constable group have been very successful with their Mammal Traps! We managed to get 3 mice. We’d like to introduce you to: Procky (Mia and Ellie’s mouse), Ben (Fraser and George C’s Vole) and Tiny (Max and Vinnie’s mouse).

Success for Bingley! Annie, Eva and Francesca caught Barbecue Beef the mouse. Cole and Billy caught twins, named Cheesy and Jerry. Mrs Brewster, Miss Drury and Mrs Bailess caught Christof the mouse.

Olivia, Reece, Annalese and George caught Mike the mouse!

Amelie and Amelia caught Lucky the mouse.

Bingley safely crossing the road on their way to East Bergholt.

Overlooking the beautiful Dedham Vale, inspiration for Constable’s painting!

After a leisurely walk, Bingley have arrived at East Bergholt, following in Constable’s steps. The children gasped as they caught sight of the unusual church, will they notice what is missing?

Constable group have been busy discovering lots about where John Constable grew up and his inspiration for many of his paintings. The children completed a treasure hunt to find props so they could act out important events from JC’s life… lots of giggles from all!

We’ve just enjoyed a lunch at Flatford Mill and are now sketching the famous ‘Haywain’ before heading off to East Bergholt for more fun.


Constable group sketching.

After a well deserved lunch on the secret Flatford island, Bingley are busy sketching the Haywain in front of the mill pool.

It’s been amazing here so far, I’ve liked all of it – Amelia.

I liked going on the walk because we got to walk through the sheep field – Annie.

It’s very interesting here, sitting  by the river sketching – Summer.

Following in the footsteps of Constable, the Constable group have had an enjoyable afternoon, sketching scenes from his paintings, exploring East Bergholt and playing Pooh Sticks!

Bingley enjoyed using the props found during a treasure hunt to perform the story of Constable.

Bingley enjoying some rare free time before dinner!

Enjoying the sun outside Valley Farm,

and The Mill.

Everyone from the first half are together enjoying the evening activity – campfire and luxury hot chocolate!
There has been singing, dancing, games and quizzing!
Now there are lots of tired faces we will have showers and pack ready for tomorrow. We can’t believe how quickly the first half has gone, we hope everyone coming tomorrow is excited (and getting lots of sleep).