Flatford 2019 – Monday

Good morning! The day has finally arrived and Flatford week is upon us!

The teachers are already busy at school packing the last minute essentials – we can’t wait to see the first half arrive!

Year 5 have arrived safely at Flatford Mill. The children were very excited to finally see the buildings from the Constable paintings in real life!

The children are now enjoying a well earnt lunch after their first activity of Orienteering.

We’ve all found our buildings and have made our beds. Both Constable and Bingly groups are now in their workrooms getting stuck in to their activities and getting to know their Flatford Tutor. Cake break is soon…

Constable and Bingley are busy exploring Flatford Mill searching for mini beasts in ‘Disappearing Animals’. They have enjoyed using the equipment to search!

All smiles!

Constable group have had a great time investigating disappearing animals. Some of us looked for hidden tracks, some of us tried to find invertebrates and some of us investigated animal poo! Lots of fun had by all!

Matching animal to food relay!

Finding minibeasts in different habitats…. what a variety!

Bug hunt!

After learning about mammal habitats, Bingley are busy setting their small mammal traps with their new knowledge. They will wait with anticipation before opening their traps tomorrow.

Annalese: ‘the mammal traps were lots of fun’

Francesca: “The orienteering was really interesting and challenging”

Summer “We put seeds, hay and larva into the mammal trap. I cant wait to see what is inside tomorrow”

George: “The views were mesmorising and I will remember them internally”

3 words to summarise our first day from
Bingley group
Super awesome inspiring

As the first day draws to an end, the children are all settled in their bedrooms.

Everyone enjoyed a dinner of pizza and chips followed by the legendary chocolate pudding!

After dinner both groups went on a twilight walk. The children had lots of laughs guiding their partner over the blind trail.
Using their senses the children looked for signs of nature.

We can’t wait to find out what is inside our mammal traps tomorrow!