Kingswood 2018 – Friday

Sorry, there won’t be many posts today but I will keep you updated with our progress home and our ETA.

Your children have all been an absolute pleasure to take away, their behaviour and attitude has been excellent all week.  Be prepared, they will be very tired.

When we arrive back we will unload all of the suitcases and put them in the Main Hall. We will then ensure all of the children have been paired up with the right suitcase and get them to sit down. Parents will then be let in via the office door, walk through the hall and your child will hopefully see you and join you, then continue through the hall and leave through the Lettings entrance.  This system has worked well in the past.

8:15 nearly all packed and ready for breakfast:


Quick couple of photos:




A lovely sunny morning to finish the week off.



13:22 we are now pulling out of Kingswood, our current ETA is 16:00.

Updated ETA 16:15

Great, they’re singing again.  They’ve been tired all morning and now they’re wide awake! Typical.

Ed Sheeran – done.

Greatest Showman – done.

’Let it go…’   now that is crossing the line, time to play Sleeping Lions.

Latest ETA – 16:10

16:03  just coming off the A120!

…and it’s good night from us!