Kingswood 2018 – Thursday

07:00 Good morning everyone, it’s a blustery day today so far, glad no one has the leap of faith first thing.   Another good nights sleep had by all and many are still asleep.

9;30 had a few spare minutes after breakfast…

Joe’s found some strange wildlife:

Jude showing off his secret powers:

Hope has caught a miniature Maddie:

09:50 First session for Group 1 is Drumbeats, great…


10:05 Group 6 about to start climbing:


10:25 Group 4 on the Nightline:



There are some very tired faces around the site this morning.

The day started like this:

”You need to get up!”

”I can’t, I’m too tired!”

”You must Mr Hopgood, your group is waiting…”

11:00 Group 1 ready for caving:



Obstacle challenge completed:

After caving:

Great concentration Jude:

Balanced perfectly:

Inside the cave:

Layla – ‘I feel like an umbrella…’

Sophie B climbing high!


Group shots on the beach:







The boys:

The girls:

Everyone x2



With the silly faces:

Individual / small groups:









Jack J just won the joke telling competition against 3 other schools around the campfire. Well done Jack! #whitecourt

21:10 Sunset on the final evening:

Now the boys are trying to work out who owns the pile of clothes in the middle of the floor in their bedroom. They all deny knowledge of ever owning them, yet they weren’t there on Monday morning!


Twas the night before leaving, when all through the dorm,
Not a creature was stirring, which is never the norm.
The cases were packed by the bunkbeds with care,
But I’ve spotted the clothes hidden under the chair….