Kingswood 2018 – Wednesday

06:40 Good morning everyone, a grey start but the sun is trying to break through.


The postcards will all be sent at the same time today.  Based on previous years, some might reach you tomorrow,  some might reach you Friday, some will arrive next week and some will never be seen again!

9:10 oh no, not more hash browns, bacon, sausage, egg, toast…

Teachers warming up for tonight’s disco:

9:42 it’s official, we have sunshine!

10:13 Aishwari and Abigail M showing Zorro how it’s done!

10:58 The sun is still shining for Team Games!

Selection of photos from this morning:

Caving –


Fencing –

Good manners being shown by all children, lots of please and thank yous.  Table manners have been exceptional!


More caving:

Don’t try this at home, yes I’m talking to you…!

If any parents are worried about how their children are doing, don’t be.  They are all joining in and showing lots of enthusiasm!

14:30 Get that hair out of the way…

Erin and Jaya about to break the land speed record!

Before the flames:


19:20 It’s nearly time…

They’re ready:

(Some children were still doing their hair…)


20:42 I’m getting too old for this…

21:15 It’s finished, it’s finally over.  Hopefully they’ll sleep well again tonight.  The memory of Mr Hopgood dancing will live long in my nightmares!