Kingswood 2018 – Tuesday

06:30 Good morning everyone!

A good night’s sleep for all the boys and girls here.

Up, dressed and ready:

I’m glad the boys’ hair doesn’t need plaiting…

40 minutes until breakfast and guess what… yep, they’re all starving!

09:20 Breakfast is complete and they are all full up, some had seconds and some had thirds . Now onto a full day’s activities!

10:10 mmmm Drumbeats to start the day…

Cameron D completing the Leap of Faith!

11:03 Group 1 doing Side-by-side:

11:52 Group 3 problem solving:

11:55 Group 5 Shelter Building:

Quote from Emily Ra (leap of faith: I didn’t want to do it but I’m so glad I did – and I caught the trapeze!

More Drumbeats:

12:20 Anyone need the toilet? No

12:25 Anyone need the toilet? No

12:30 are you sure no-one needs the toilet? Yes

12:35 Start activity.  3 children –  ‘Please can I go to the toilet?’

Group 3  ALL completed the Leap of Faith:

Group 2 problem solving:

16:30 Luke C ‘Side-by-side is the most fun I’ve had so far’

16:40 Louis P cracking the blindfold challenge:

18:30 Feeding Time again.


Great teamwork on display tbroughout the groups!

22:00 and all is well. I said well, not quiet…