Kingswood 2018 – Monday

06:30 We go again…. “Well I haven’t packed it, I thought you did…” being said in many houses right now!

09:20 Nearly ready…

10:35 Arrived safely at Duxford and the sun is shining!

10:55 Raring to go:

11:00 Can we have lunch yet? No

11:10 Can we have lunch yet?  No

11:20 Can we have lunch yet? NNOOO!!!

You’d think these children have been starved for a week!

12:05 Joe ‘I’m absolutely starving!!’

12:10 I can’t take it anymore, we’re really going to have to stop for lunch…

12:25 peace at last!

14:30  We love coach journeys, especially when all the singers seem to be on my coach…


15:15 Arrived safely at kingswood! All in good spirits too!

17:25 Sophie and Ellivia – the first 2 up the climbing wall!

17:40 I actually cannot believe they are hungry again!

Max is an absolute star at making beds by the way – a real pro!!

18:30 Group 4 problem solving

19:30 All fed and some even got seconds!

hotspots and mini-olympics next up.

20:15 I’m not saying a word…

Every shoe … different!

22:00 Lights out now but I wouldn’t exactly say it’s quiet yet.  Although when we open the doors, they all pretend to be fast asleep…