Flatford 2018 – Wednesday

The first half all slept well, enjoyed their last breakfast and are all packed away ready for the second half to arrive.

Ennion are learning about habitats and life cycles, before they go and explore the secret pond life at Flatford.

We are looking forward to seeing the second half, sharing our memories so far!

Constable group are up and ready for their last day at Flatford. We have filled tummies (yummy sausages) and have made our sandwiches. We’re just updating the nature tree and getting ready for Pond Dipping. Look at our wonderfully big classroom – lots will be sad to leave!

A great start for Constable whilst Pond Dipping. Maddie and Ella managed to catch a three spined stickleback!

Ennion had a fantastic morning pond dipping, catching a variety of invertebrates. One group managed to catch a lesser water boatman, very exciting!

Abigail Tilbrook displaying her amazing catch, a huge beetle larvae!

What a fantastic trip the first half have had! Well done to everyone – we hope you’ve all learnt lots and have made some brilliant memories.

Hooray – the rest of Year 5 have arrived! Although a little soggy, we’ve all had a picnic lunch whilst catching up with each over about the fun we’ve all been having. The first half have set off back to school, whilst the second half have settled into thier rooms and are ready for their first activities!

Ennion group are enjoying their first activity, Disappearing Animals. After learning about habitats they have begun to look for the animals which are native to Flatford.

Constable group are embracing the rain and are busy discovering disappearing animals! We’re at the campfire, hunting for invertebrates. So far, we’ve been very lucky: Bailey found an earwig, Eden W found a beetle and Mia M found giant worm!

What a delicious dinner. We are all full and are wrapped up warm for our Twilight Walk. Let’s hope we see the barn owl tonight!

Group Two have settled in well to Flatford life. They enjoyed a yummy dinner of chicken, rice and vegetables followed by ice cream and toffee sauce. Both groups are now on their Twilight Walk, as the sun begins to set.

We hope everyone from the first half have had a warm bath and are relaxing, following their great time at Flatford.

We wonder what will be in our mammal traps tomorrow…..

Ennion lifting logs to look for minibeasts.

Beautiful views for Constable group whilst on the Twilight Walk. So far we’ve managed to see lots of wildlife, but unfortunately not the barn owl!

Everyone has settled back in their buildings and are resting after their first busy day! Goodnight from Flatford group 2!