Flatford 2018 – Friday

Good morning from Flatford! We have woken up to beautiful sunshine on the last day of our week here. Everyone slept well and is looking forward to breakfast.

That’s our last meal in the Flatford dinning hall finished. We certainly haven’t gone hungry this week! Both groups are now back in their classrooms preparing for their final Flatford activity – Pond Dipping. Keep your fingers crossed, we want a good catch!!

The boys in Ennion group are excited by their first dip, a dragonfly nymph!

Ennion pond dipping.

Ennion at location two, The Millpond.

Wow! What great finds – we’ve all managed to catch lots! We have stongehenges, a baby eel, water beetles, water snails, a dragonfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs and non-biting midge larvae!!!! Congratulations Constable group – a successful Pond Dipping session!

Our final Flatford picnic in the sunshine! What a exciting stay we’ve had. We’re all safely on the coach heading back to school. Well done to the second group  for such a brilliant three days!