Flatford 2018 – Thursday

Good morning! We woke up to beautiful sunshine and birds singing. Everyone enjoyed their breakfasts and are looking forward to opening their mammal traps… what will we find?


Wow, what a catch! Constable group were so lucky; Nathan and his partner caught a mouse (Danger-mouse), Imogen and Millie R-B caught a vole (Jerry) and Eden W and Bailey caught a vole (Mr Wiggle).

A late addition to the Constable ‘family’ – Mia S and her mouse (Bouncer)!

After a lovely morning in the sunshine, we are all enjoying our lunchtime picnic. We’re building up our energy ready for the walk to East Bergholt.

Ennion group have enjoyed a morning treasure hunt around Flatford Mill. They then used the props they found to create a role play.

Constable group had a great time learning all about John Constable’s life. Using the props that they collected, we used role play to act out important parts of his life, including how he became a painter.

Ennion are enjoying an after lunch game of Top Trumps, finding out about life in Georgian times.

What a beautiful view! Constable are halfway on the route to East Bergholt and are standing looking out at Dedham Vale. We’re about to play Top Trumps, Georgian style!

We’re back from our East Bergholt trip looking at places from John Constable’s childhood, learning about the differences between Georgian times and the modern era. Well done Flatford group 2 – you completed the walk! We’re all ready for a rest, a yummy cake break and some sketching!

White Court are the first group ever to have sent a cuckoo count card to the head office from Flatford Mill.

A sunny walk around East Bergholt learning about Georgian Times.

Ennion group at Dedham vale at the end of a very enjoyable walk to East Bergholt!

Suns out and Ennion group are enjoying replicating John Constable’s Haywain painting.

After our last dinner at Flatford, we’ve all joined together for our campfire fun. Singing songs and hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Ennion playing pooh sticks at the end of their walk from East Bergholt.

What a lovely second day we have had in the sunshine! After an exciting quiz to finish our campfire fun, we’re all back safely in our buildings, and are drifting off to sleep. Our last evening at Flatford, but still lots more fun to come tomorrow!!