Flatford 2018 – Tuesday

09:05  Good morning from Flatford Mill! Everyone had a good sleep and are now ready for the sunny day ahead.

Mammal trapping success for Ennion!
Caitlyn, Abigail and Eden caught Mickey the mouse and Mr Hopgood caught Jumpy the adult mouse.
However, Mrs Bailess and Mrs Brewster achieved a first for Flatford, two mice in one trap!


Constable have been very successful with their Mammal Traps – we managed to catch two different mammals! Bobby H caught a Vole called Sammy-Bob and Evie and Jess B caught a mouse called Pom-Pom. A brilliant start to our day’s activities!

Constable group have enjoyed a morning finding out about the life of John Constable, now enjoying lunch outside Valley Farm.


Constable group sketching their own Haywain masterpiece!

Ennion group have enjoyed a morning walking in John Constable’s footsteps. We began by walking to East Bergholt, stopping to contrast Georgian and modern life overlooking Dedham Vale. Once we arrived at East Bergholt we explored in smaller groups and found out about different jobs.

Constable have just set off on their walk to East Bergholt, just time for a quick look at the Mill Pond!

Ennion group are enjoying a well earnt rest, sketching the famous Hay Wain. They are sat in front of The Mill, looking out on the Millpond.


Constable have enjoyed exploring the village where John Constable grew up and even managed to find the location of his childhood home. We’re about to set off back to Flatford, ready for another delicious dinner!

After a ‘long’ walk, Constable have successfully made it to East Bergholt! Along the way we enjoyed views of Dedham Vale, made infamous by John Constable in many of his paintings. The sun is shining and the children are very proud of themselves for completing the first half of the trek!

Both groups have reunited after a delicious dinner of sausage and mash, followed by scrummy apple crumble and custard. We’re now gathered round the campfire singing silly songs and playing games. We’ve still got hot chocolate, a picture quiz and cake to go!