Flatford 2018 – Monday

11:25   The first Flatford group have arrived safely and are cheerful despite the wet weather! After a quick snack and change into waterproofs we are heading out on our first activity.

Ennion group are busy tracking animals, looking for clues, includin poo!

Katie said “I was a little nervous about coming but I’m so glad I did! It’s great!”.

Although a little wet, Constable had a great time discovering the hidden animals around Flatford. Bobby and Evie managed to find a baby newt!

William and Zack were mammal and amphibian experts; they managed to answer some of the trickiest questions!

The first half have had an action packed first day! We are so impressed with their enthusiasm despite the weather! Smiles all round!

Mammal Trapping

All enjoyed a delicious evening meal of pizza, chips and salad. This was followed by the Flatford favourite chocolate pudding.

Everyone is now wrapped up and having fun on a Twilight Walk, without rain!

A really big well done to all the children who have kept their spirits up in the cold and damp weather. Lots of enthusiasm throughout both the groups who have just finished their Twilight Walk. We’re all heading off to our buildings to settle in for the night. Goodnight from the first Flatford half.