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Kingswood 2019 – Friday

07:10 and the carnage begins. Children claiming that these vast piles of clothes do not belong to them. We’re also finding things that children claimed were lost during the week or even items they swore they didn’t bring. What will

Kingswood 2019 – Thursday

7:30 and all is well. Not going to mention the weather at all today, not once… Group shots:     Fun down at the beach with Groups 15,16 and 17:                    

Kingswood 2019 – Wednesday

07:30 I don’t believe it, It looks like the Sun is actually trying to break through the clouds this morning. Maybe we will get a chance to use the vat of sun cream we brought with us…   still DRY…

Kingswood 2019 – Tuesday

07:00 Some are awake and some are asleep, and some are awake but still look asleep… Overall a good night’s sleep considering it was the first night. The rain is still falling but we are hoping for a slightly drier

Kingswood 2019 – Monday

9:20 Nearly ready for the off! 9:42 Year 6 have left the building and are now en route to Duxford. 10:24 Arrived safely at Duxford. The rain will not dampen our spirits: 12:20 You would think these children have never